PIP Running

PIP Running logoPip Running is a group for people who want to learn to run or used to run and want help getting back into it. Classes are offered locally during the mid-morning and evening. Group runs are also available. Making the decision to join a class could be life changing.





Renton Community Center

thCADN5PA8The Renton Community Center offers a variety of fitness, art and recreational programs to families in Renton. Our partnership with the community center is helping to make the our Gene Coulon Beach camp available to those in the local community. Visit their site to see all activities available this year. Their catalog is updated for each season.


24 Day Challenge

advocare24daylogoTo see the best results, both exercise and health must be taken into account. Our 24 Day Challenge will help you get your body working optimally while you shed excess pounds and feel great in the process. Combined with Fitness Bootcamp workouts there is nothing stopping you from being successful. Get involved with the challenge today!

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