Fitness BOOTCAMP Adult Fitness



FITNESS BOOTCAMP is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program that incorporates strength training, balance, agility, core stability,cardiovascular exercise and flexibility/stretching. Each session changes daily to add new challenges and variety to every workout — no two workouts are ever the same. This keeps your body guessing….. which leads to better results.

This is NOT your average, boring workout session. You will leave each session getting an awesome workout that is efficient, safe and challenging. Our experienced trainers will take you through a series of total body exercises that will help build lean muscle, increase balance, increase flexibility and burn calories.

The BOOTCAMP experience includes constant motivation, positive reinforcement, and a fun, safe environment for all different fitness levels, ages and sizes. Everyone can handle and benefit greatly from FITNESS BOOTCAMP!

This is not a gym or place where you will get lost in the crowd. Come join this group and make exercising fun…..burn some calories while you are at it. Contact us if you would like more information or have questions.




Do I need to be in shape to get started?
No! The whole point of coming to bootcamp is to get back in shape or to add variety to your existing workout regime. Many people make the mistake of trying to work out before camp and end up sore or injured before they even start. Our camps are progressive, you will start at your own level and gradually increase intensity as the weeks progress.

Do I need equipment?
Yes, you will need 12-16 oz of water, 1/2 in.-1in. workout mat (thicker than a yoga mat), light-medium resistance tubing, 5-8 lb dumbbells. Over time you may add different resistance tubing and heavier weights as your strength increases. This will keep you from hitting a plateau in your workouts.

All bootcamp locations have covered areas to keep campers from getting wet. If the weather is too severe the session may be cancelled. If a session is cancelled campers will be pro-rated the time for a future workout. Some mornings start out cold, but you are guaranteed to get warm fast and enjoy your workouts!

There is no upper age limit. We are looking for people who are willing to work at their own level to increase their level of fitness. We commonly have people in their early 20’s and as old as their 60’s.

We take kids between the ages of 13-18  years of age with discretion. Some athletic kids can handle the adult environment, some cannot.

Kids younger than 13 may be interested in FitKid BOOTCAMP.

If a camper misses a session with out it prearranged, we do not provide refunds. However, if 12 hour advanced notice is given, a camper can be pro-rated the missed time to be used for a future workout. We are strict here so you come and get your workout on. We do not want you to pay and not come, so we work hard to make it enjoyable and will keep tabs on you. Life happens and understand missing a session will happen, just stay in contact with your trainer and you will get to make the time up.

Please consult your physician before starting any exercise routine especially if you have not been active. If your physician approves, you can discuss your injuries with our trainers and exercises can be adjusted to better meet your needs. Please do not let injuries stop you. Exercise is a great way to overcome and recover from injury.

No, our trainers are here to motivate and encourage you. We do not believe that yelling at our campers will keep them motivated to continue working out. We want you to be the best you possible.


  • “I am a 48 year old mother of three who has never loved working out or been very fit… The thought of doing “bootcamp” intimidated me at first. Getting out of bed at what seemed like the middle of the night, to go outside and do a hard core workout while getting yelled at the whole time just did not seem like the thing for me…Bootcamp is not what I had imagined at all. Yes, it is early in the morning and outside, but those are great things about it. There is absolutely no yelling and you work out at the level that fits your ability. The group setting is motivating…”