FitKid BOOTCAMP Fitness for Kids

WebkidsBowlFitKid BOOTCAMP is a high energy fun filled exercise class for kids. This class strives to increase the overall health and fitness level of children in a fun, safe, positive and motivating environment. Our program utilizes obstacle courses, fitness games, partner activities, body weight exercises, resistance bands, circuits and more. It is our belief that a positive association with fitness at an early age will foster healthy adult living habits for life. At FitKid BOOTCAMP, we emphasize full body development which includes improving ones balance, strength, spatial awareness, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and teamwork skills.

Every child is encouraged to work at their own fitness level while being motivated to push themselves harder with each class. We are very aware of the many different social pressures children face with weight issues, lack of coordination, and overall low self-esteem. At FitKid BOOTCAMP we have created a “safe place” for children to be themselves no matter what their situation may be. It is extremely important to us that every child feels comfortable coming to class no matter what their athletic skill level may or may not be.

All classes are instructed by licensed and certified strength and conditioning coaches trained at working with youth while protecting and preventing injuries.

FitKid BOOTCAMP is a program designed by the mission of Kid Fit Now, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and educating children and adults to combat childhood obesity.

2014-2015 schedules is in progress. Click Here to be added to the list for more information as its ready.