About Us Bod Performance LLC

Bod Performance is dedicated to helping individuals get healthy and reach their fitness goals. With programs dedicated to all ages abilities and stages of life, our trainers are able to inspire people to do their very best.

Fitness and health are not about rock hard muscles and strict diet plans. Fitness and health is about finding ways to improve our quality of life so that we can experience treasured moments worth remembering.

We hope that our services will help to combat many of the health issues caused by an increase in sedentary lifestyles. By adding opportunities to be physically active our clients can develop new habits and enjoy the many benefits of increased energy and strength, body re-shaping and improvements in balance and overall athletic performance. Our Clients are guided and encourage to make life changes use many of htese principles:

      • Be self-affirming-Thoughts become reality, so think  fit, beautiful, strong and healthy — even if you don’t feel it now.
      • Clean up your environment-What happens internally manifests externally so be organized, prepared and focused. You can’t do that in a dirty environment.
      • Create your daily P’s-Every morning, set not just physical but professional and personal goals, too. Strive for balance.
      • Be prepared-Spend a few hours cooking family meals/snacks on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Store them in Tupperware containers, making it easier for everyone to grab-and-go throughout the week.
      • Create a life schedule-Strive for consistency. Your body, your children and your success will thrive in a disciplined and consistent environment.
      • Focus on reflection-Think about your journey weekly and be honest about your struggles. Find solutions, create a plan, execute and try again until you master your challenge.
      • Master your metabolism-Your metabolism is your internal furnace that converts food into fuel. You can speed up your body’s ability to burn fat by gaining muscle and eating regularly.
      • Go natural-Eating food in its most natural state provides your body with optimum vitamins and minerals. Avoid processed foods, which is anything that comes in a bag or box.
      • Focus on progress, not perfection-Don’t be too hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect. As long as you continuously strive to better yourself, you are ultimately progressing and on the right track.
      • DO SOMETHING-Anything is better than what you were doing before when it comes to just moving.